Your organization is currently using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Let PROUD NEXT help you with linking your ERP data from Dynamics NAV to Magento.?

Sales orders

The link synchronizes your sales orders from your Magento shop to Dynamics NAV. This allows your customers to order anytime, anywhere and the sales orders are sent directly to Dynamics NAV. Changes in order statuses can be fed back to the Magento shop so the customer, for example, can be informed about his or her shipment.

Prices and Discounts

Import your customer specific prices with discounts from Microsoft Dynamics NAV in your Magento shop. Magento can make use of your shopping cart price rules and coupon codes that are transferred to Dynamics NAV.


Import and update your articles from Dynamics NAV to Magento. The linkage works with both customized products as with variants that are created as configurable products in Magento.


The inventory will be real time synchronized between Dynamics NAV and Magento. Because of that there can worked with several warehouses in Dynamics NAV that can be linked to different sites in Magento.

Customers and contacts

The link synchronizes clients and contacts between Magento and Dynamics NAV. A change of customer data in Magento will be updated directly in Dynamics NAV and vice versa. Yet existing customers are created in Magento or Dynamics NAV. This will keep your customer information fully up to date

Online sales order history

Show your customers the opportunity to gain an overview on the shop of their orders placed both on the web and by telephone. Besides order data can be in open orders or invoices.