Good timing to develop an online shop

Do you want to create an online shop and you doubt whether this is the right time to start your own shop? Then you can safely put your worries aside and immediately begin developing an online shop at PROUD NEXT, because research has shown that mail order and internet stores in February this year have turned over 12 percent more turnover than in February of last year. In short, the turnover of online stores in the Netherlands in comparison with a year earlier, is grown with more than 12 percent, making it more interesting for you to choose to develop shop at PROUD NEXT.

Higher increase than sales of physical stores

In general, it is better with the Dutch economy in February this year than in February of last year. So in the Netherlands physical trading also benefited a sales increase of 1.2 percent, which means that the economic recovery has been officially put into motion. However, although the increase in sales of 1.2 percent for the physical trade in the Netherlands is certainly an interesting rise, the increase is of course nothing compared to the 12 percent increase for Dutch web. Not sure whether you want to start with a physical store or wants to choose development shop, then this choice is in fact made easy. At present, developing a web shop is undoubtedly one of the best business decisions you can make.

Mainly suppliers of clothing and fashion accessories did well in February this year. When you want to start as a online retailer of clothing and fashion accessories, then developing an online shop is even more interesting for you. However, even if you want to start as an online provider of products other than clothes and fashion accessories, it is attractive to start developing its own online shop. All branches namely scored well in February, for example also the industry for online electronics. Even so if you want to sell a different product, it is therefore a good time to start developing a web shop.

Developing an online shop at PROUD NEXT

Would you also want to benefit from the increase in turnover for Dutch merchants? Choose directly for a Magento web shop development by PROUD NEXT and leave your store in a professional manner and fully custom developed. Explain your needs to the professionals at PROUD NEXT, communicate what you want to achieve with your shop and what your expectations are and PROUD NEXT will develop your online shop. This allows you as a business in the short term that you can already benefit from the increase in sales to Dutch merchants, so you can also take advantage of the economic recovery in the Netherlands.


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