Mobilegeddon Google: a drastic change or a minor update?

A few weeks ago, Google announced a new update, called Mobilegeddon Google. The name of the update suggested that it was a violent update with a lot of impact and this was also as seen by specialists and internet entrepreneurs. For example, the update Mobilegeddon Google would ensure that websites were not mobile friendly, less would end up in the search results of the search engine. This of course sounds like a violent change, but after making the update, the question arises whether the update Mobilegeddon Google was real so violently. Has the impact of the update really been so great that the update realized the name Mobilegeddon? You read it in this article.

Mobilegeddon Google: some changes

After introducing Mobilegeddon Google and the implementation of this update, there have been some specialists who have measured the changes after introducing the update. They came to the conclusion that there certainly was talk of change, but that this was only modest changes. Some of the changes that have been observed by the investigating specialists, are the following:

The changes Mobilegeddon Google are smallest at the top of the search results. The lower a site in the list, the greater the impact of Mobilegeddon Google has been so.

Sites that are not suitable for smartphones did not immediately lost all their mobile traffic. However, there is a chance that this traffic in the coming weeks or months is steadily decreasing.

Websites that are suitable for smartphones, benefiting here now at small levels. In the future, the benefits for mobile-friendly sites will be larger.

In short, at this moment there has not much changed much with Mobilegeddon Google, but still it can be expected to change much in the future by this update from Google. What you need to do with this as the owner of your own website? You can read that in the following paragraph.

Let a good responsive website be realized

Because the changes of Mobilegeddon Google are not as quickly be implemented as expected, internet entrepreneurs are advised to take enough time to (have) a good responsive website realization. This should internet entrepreneurs not only do to increase the visibility in Google after Mobilegeddon Google, but also for your mobile visitors. Want more information about creating a responsive website under Mobilegeddon Google? Please feel free to contact the professionals at PROUD NEXT


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