New development: Google buy now button

Google is one of the most innovative companies in the world and this fact is further underlined by a new development that Google announced a few days ago. A few weeks ago, the company also introduced an update allowing companies with sites that are not mobile friendly rank lower in Google, but the search engine has now introduced a new update. This update covers the so-called Google buy now button or a button to be placed in the results of the search engine to buy the product directly into the search engine.

How does the Google buy now button works?

After the launch of the Google buy now button, a button will be added in the sponsored search results ads from Google. This button will get the text “Shop on Google ‘ and if you click on the buy button now Google will take you directly to another Google page where you can buy that item. This means you can not just use Google to find your favorite brand of jeans and then redirected to another website, but you also can shop directly from the search results when you find an item that you would like to purchase. Incidentally, Google sells nothing, but the shop only refers to third-party pages within Google’s software.

For who is the Google buy now button?

The Google buy now button will be added only to sponsored ads on Google, for example, shops. This means that normal Google search results without sponsorship do not get the buy now button and will notice nothing from the new Google update. If the Google buy now button will be available for search results is not yet known.

Why is the Google buy now button developed?

The search engine Google has developed the buy now button with one simple goal in mind, namely entering into competition with companies like Amazon and eBay. These companies sell many different products and currently have more brand recognition than Google Shopping and Google would like to change this. With the addition of the Google buy now add button to the sponsored ads on the search engine, Google hopes that Google Shopping gets more brand awareness and more sales will generate. In this way it hopes to compete with big names like Amazon and eBay, so that Google’s market share will further increase.


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