Watch out: online shops are often not well protected against hackers

Research by the `Consumentenbond` and security specialist Onvio found that nearly forty percent of the Dutch largest online stores contain leaking, so hackers can easily exploit the shops. This is partly because many retailers do not have sufficient knowledge of secure web stores, but also because they do not take the protection of their online shop serious and therefore do not take action to make their online store secure against hackers. More on the research of the `Consumentenbond` and secure Onvio about security holes in web shops and online store, you can read in this article.
Results research protecting online shop
In cooperation with the `Consumentenbond`, the security specialist Onvio looked at hundred major online retailers in the Netherlands. The security specialist examined how the merchants were protected against the most common security problems that hackers can crack. Through the cross-site scripting technique Onvio found that 38 percent of retailers surveyed were unable to secure the shop for one hundred percent. Thus demonstrated several security holes that can be solved in fact easily secure through online store.

In the worst case, the researchers from Onvio were even able to see the complete transaction and user database from a Dutch website. This was simply because this particular site contained several security holes, probably caused by too little attention to secure the online store.

The researchers Onvio obviously do not do anything with this information, but if the site would not choose to secure their webstore then the data in the database can be in the hands of hackers. This could mean that the data can be offered on the black market with all its consequences, if you choose not to directly secure online store.

Protect your online shop: choose for securing your online shop
Do you want to prevent your shop victim of hackers? Then it is important to time, invest money and effort in securing online store. Otherwise, it may happen that your shop is cracked by hackers and thus the dates of your shop, your customers and your transactions be on the streets. Are you wondering if your website contains security holes and how you can protect your store? Please feel free to contact PROUD NEXT and get advice from our secure specialists in Magento and osCommerce online store. Prevention is better than curing it, so you’d better not be too late to start protecting your online store to cover the risks of your shop as much as possible.


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